[Alumni] stuff and things

Igor Serebryany igor47 at moomers.org
Mon Dec 17 03:14:53 EST 2007

Hi Moomers and Alumni!

 	A few events are happening.  First, there is the Moomers News Years
 	party.  I am not sure yet of the date, but we're thinking of having
 	it on December 31st.  Does that work for everyone?  Come, and invite
 	all of your friends!

 	Next, Colin and Nora will be in town (not sure about Hodag). This
 	will be between Jan 8th and Jan12, and we're thinking of having
 	another ginormous party in their honor on Jan11th.

 	Also, it looks like Steven will be around until the 10th, unless we
 	can persuade him to stay through the 11th.

 	Finally, on a more technical note, besides the moomers listhost and
 	the alumni listhost, there is a guestlist listhost - we just need to
 	add people to it.  We were also considering adding a
 	'peoplewhohaveslept at moomers.org'.  Feel free to fuck around with
 	mailman.moomers.org - the master admin password is 'moomersrocks'.


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