[Alumni] kpm is famous!

Igor Serebryany igor47 at moomers.org
Thu Oct 23 02:16:54 EDT 2008

Dear Friends, 

	You may have thought that now that we are off the raft, our days of
	fame are over. We had our moment in the La Salle Times or whatever,
	now time to get back to ordinary deary existence.

	Well, as usual, you thought wrong. Our 15 minutes have barely begun,
	and now they are continuing along nicely with an appearance on the
	popular television show The Colbert Report. The episode in question
	is available for your convenience, here:


	The segment about us begins at around time 5:05. The interview with
	KPM, of moomers fame, begins at 8:15 and lasts until 8:25 or so.
	Download the episode, watch it, treasure it - treasure it like you
	treasure all KPM memorabilia, because it's going to be worth a lot

	That is all.

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