[Boat] calumet boat launches

Steven Lucy slucy at parallactic.com
Thu Aug 21 14:28:06 EDT 2008

Igor and I took a field trip this morning.  Skyway Yacht Works was Bobless,
but we spoke to Steve (his brother?) who basically told us no.  The only
useful piece of information he gave us was that there are lot of barges
between Lake Calumet and Lake Michigan, but a lot less traffic on the Calumet
River between Lake Calumet and the S&S Canal.

However, he redirected us to a place near 140th and Torrence called Croissant
Marina (708 891 0400) where "the boss" John, former Hyde Park resident, was
very friendly and excited about our project.  He basically said we could do
whatever we needed to in his space, and he has a 15' launch with no ramp (but
with a crane).  We showed him some boat.moomers.org pictures and he is very
enthusiastic but cautioned us to be very careful.  He thinks we need more
than 1/4" nylon holding on the barrels -- he suggested steel strapping.  He
said when two barge wakes hit they can be 10' high, and invited us to imagine
what would happen to our raft were it to be hit with a 10' colliding wake.

His next-door neighbor Todd has a 12' ramp and some 20' slips
with fences in the way.  His charge for the ramp is $10 and he is happy to
have us build the raft for a day as long as we don't block the ramp.  There
is power right there on the water, and lots of space.  We could, perhaps,
launch each pontoon on the ramp and drag them around to a slip where we would
have dock access on both sides.  Or we could try to shove the whole raft
section over the fence (it's about 3 feet high).  The water was very calm but
kind of dirty (not smelly, though).

Todd also owns a bar which serves food from 11am to 6pm, and there are
picnic tables and a grill that it looks like we could use.

On the way back we stopped by John's buddy's ("Harry")'s shop near by to buy
the hose fitting we need to attach the fuel supply line to the gas tank.

This is all right off of 94, or you can take Stony/South
Chicago/Colfax/Torrence like we did.  The drive was 30-45 minutes.


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