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We do <3 our Councilguy apparently, although his emails are likely to be
repetitive with other lists.

(Disclaimer again that these are not to be annoying but I heard from at
least three activism committee members that more email forwarding is better
than less ok thank you love bye!)

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Date: Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 12:03 PM
Subject: Postmaster: Count Every Vote
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*Make Sure Every Vote is Counted*

The US Postal Service
is an essential service. No matter where you live and who you are, the US
Postal Service has always been a pillar of equal access for all. For so
many, including seniors, people with disabilities, young people, veterans,
justice-impacted individuals, and their families, having accessible and
affordable Postal Service is a tool for survival. Moreover, during this
COVID-19 pandemic, our USPS is a tool for survival for all of us. With the
most critical elections of our lives 70 days away, it’s critical that the
post office runs at maximum capability now more than ever.

I am standing with everyone in Berkeley, CA, and nationwide rallying to
save the post office. *We need to reverse the cuts to our post office and
make sure we count every vote.* We have worked too hard to protect the
right to vote to have it taken away like this.

I encourage everyone to register to vote by mail, and if you are unsure if
you are registered to receive a ballot by mail you can check *here*
*.* If you are voting by mail, make sure to get your ballots in early to
ease the burden on the Postal Service as election day nears.
Please sign this petition created by the Berkeley based organization Every.
Single. Vote. *Demand congress save the USPS and the integrity of our

In Solidarity,
Paid for by Ben Bartlett for City Council
1810 West St. #5, Berkeley, CA, 94702-1483
 FPPC# 1383020

Emails were provided to us by previous campaigns for Ben and the register
of voters office
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