[chrysalis.activism] SURJ Action Hours each Monday & Friday

Christopher Lin powertothepenguins at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 19:57:04 CDT 2020

(SURJ = Showing Up for Racial Justice)

I attended SURJ's intro meeting last week, and I was impressed with how
organized they were. Midway through the call, they said, "We're all
going to do an action right now," and posted a doc with instructions on how
to email Gavin Newsom's office about the COVID outbreak in San Quentin
State Prison. And lo and behold, 200+ people did it.

Turns out they do this kind of thing twice a week, Monday & Friday at noon.
The idea is you can use your lunch break to do an action. They will have a
doc and template all ready for you when you arrive. You can attend as many
or as few of these as you like, and I think it's a great way to get your
feet wet with activism.

I've added this as a recurring event on the Chrysalis Activism calendar.
(If you don't already have this in your calendars, let me know, and I'll
add you.)

You do have to RSVP to an individual session to get the Zoom link sent to
you. You can do that at this page, which is also linked in the calendar

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