[chrysalis.activism] SJ Orgs + Actions Spreadsheet!

Anna McFall annasmcfall at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 23:32:24 CDT 2020

Hi, Chrysalis Activism Committee!

I love you!

 SJ Orgs, Actions and Resources

*I finally got a slight handle on the Orgs tab of the spreadsheet, so now
our Chrysalis Community Fund orgs are at the very top, and there's a little
more consistency in content.  *Please add to/adjust this Sheet as you see
fit!*  I find it's a good place to stow information that I don't have
bandwidth to deal with at the moment.  I haven't yet moved to categorizing
the Orgs by topic/location, so if you have spreadsheet wizardry and desire,
please feel free.

**The "Actions" tab is still live*, and I do update it, although I am still
figuring out which actions make sense to pass along actively.  Obviously, I
think, local Berkeley stuff is the top priority for us.  If you have
thoughts or preferences for which types of actions and communications you'd
like prioritized, lmk and/or I will ping the group as we continue to meet.

I have a vision in which all of our respective pet causes and values will
coincide beautifully in an interconnected living web of efficacy!  I look
forward to working toward realizing this vision. :)

Love love love,
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