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Wed Sep 30 20:38:46 CDT 2020

email from out councilmember! there's a zoom re: willard park clubhouse,
i probably won't attend but FYI.


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Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 17:38:45 +0000 (UTC)
From: Councilmember Ben Bartlett <bbartlett at ci.berkeley.ca.us>
To: Igor Serebryany <igor47 at moomers.org>
Subject: Census 2020, AC Transit, T1 Community Meetings, Elementary Schools May Reopen, and more!
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Census 2020 Deadline:  <https://2020census.gov/en/ways-to-respond.html>Monday, October 5, 2020 <https://2020census.gov/en/ways-to-respond.html>

"A census undercount will put Berkeley at risk of losing important federal resources that long-term residents, families, and students all benefit from" <https://2020census.gov/en/ways-to-respond.html>


Once every decade, America counts all who live in our communities. I am urging you to complete the census today and to encourage everyone you know to fill out the census with their whole household.

Government officials and policymakers at every level rely on census data to decide which communities will get more funding for services like schools, clinics, roads, and many more. The census informs how federal funding are allocated -- including Medicaid.

Census results also determine the number of seats each state has in the US House of Representatives, and how elected official districts are drawn. California and the Bay Area need to maintain strong congressional delegations to ensure our voices remain influential in locally and nationally.

For the first time, you have the option of completing the census online <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IGOqe9F0wuCR86whKNrpFMabI4EVWPo2mJfdIABt_xqxKu_VQ94A4DzKxuWSYDDelkgSlPP1Wxfg1yepkyV_wCujt7dQ345yQ7jq1njY-r0I1j_0biDzgeOZPRyAsdNB_CzQqRw7v7wOqt7lGksOJfStg-PI5UQBUUj3JPQibw1K5IrTgNVJ54mpZMtAcYU24HGu1qjPxTk=&c=JUcjXccTKYhAN1PQ4_hM3BtqZ6IVB_jbhbbdeoNM7bRRdZPuOuer-g==&ch=ioOG424OaI6BvyDcUGXThn4Y7osYoq3RxNz5HZ4AME_Lfo3Hpeb8SA==>, by phone <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IGOqe9F0wuCR86whKNrpFMabI4EVWPo2mJfdIABt_xqxKu_VQ94A4Gu8VeNz4tzQGBBakuvAisfUW2axmg_dsG06vhZnj0OzCYQgoh3wAlwrgscs_eIsObASTDD9Ywu5z8-4X_IPsK1JEAWJgdQQeTPHWWy6fyFEPY5tQ30vxZQKXlbhWbJMrDlzJmU06OaMzQRN6wxZg9c=&c=JUcjXccTKYhAN1PQ4_hM3BtqZ6IVB_jbhbbdeoNM7bRRdZPuOuer-g==&ch=ioOG424OaI6BvyDcUGXThn4Y7osYoq3RxNz5HZ4AME_Lfo3Hpeb8SA==>, or by mail <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001IGOqe9F0wuCR86whKNrpFMabI4EVWPo2mJfdIABt_xqxKu_VQ94A4Gu8VeNz4tzQ5WwOOfL91O_H9VLF4wRQ16MNM-K9Fa2mTaXvR9-cOdsLXul6I7LehrMXnYXcq9xcqKVbbGQXk0qPtXGoUo2OqwC0GnTvWfp0YLBEmI8UKi9jwWChFsMAvey6xnXTUFDViw0cZtHfp8Y=&c=JUcjXccTKYhAN1PQ4_hM3BtqZ6IVB_jbhbbdeoNM7bRRdZPuOuer-g==&ch=ioOG424OaI6BvyDcUGXThn4Y7osYoq3RxNz5HZ4AME_Lfo3Hpeb8SA==>, in 13 different languages. Whatever works best!

The 2020 Census deadline is Monday, October 5th, 2020. Please be sure you are counted and complete the census today <https://2020census.gov/en/ways-to-respond.html>.

Please read my op-ed <https://www.dailycal.org/2020/09/29/to-ensure-accurate-count-government-must-adjust-residents-must-complete-2020-census/> about the significance of the 2020 Census!

T1 Community Meetings 10/15/2020

In 2016, Berkeley voters overwhelmingly passed Measure T1 to provide funding for infrastructure improvements throughout the City.  The community meeting for District 3 residents to discuss the second round of T1 projects and funding will be on Thursday, October 15 ‐ 6:30‐8:30 PM. Please provide input and advocate for the Willard clubhouse renovation and redesign.                

https://zoom.us/j/97372069574 - Phone: +16699006833, 97372069574#

If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can email your thoughts to T1 at cityofberkeley.info.

AC Transit Fare Collection Resumes

AC Transit will be resuming front-door boarding and fare collection beginning Monday, October 19th

Transit recently unveiled the reNew <http://www.actransit.org/renew-covid19-action-plan/> Plan. The Plan outlines onboard plans for health and wellness, service and operations, communications and engagement, and technical innovations for recovery.

One key advancement of reNew includes the installation of face mask and hand sanitizer dispensers onboard. AC Transit will began outfitting our fleet with protective barriers to help safeguard operators and riders by the farebox and while the bus is in motion. The installation of the dispensers and protective shields will be completed by Friday, October 16.

Following these upgrades, fare collection and front-door boarding will resume on Monday, October 19.

For more information on fares, including passes, Clipper® card application, and transfers, please:

  - Contact the Customer Call Center at 510-891-4777
  - Visit the Fares page on the AC Transit website <http://www.actransit.org/fare-change-faqs-2020/>
  - Connect with AC ransit on Twitter <https://twitter.com/rideact>, Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/rideact> and Instagram <https://www.instagram.com/rideact/>

Elementary Schools May Reopen As COVID-19 Cases Level Off

Berkeley’s Health Officer is looking to reopen elementary schools, a local priority that state rules <https://lnks.gd/l/eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJidWxsZXRpbl9saW5rX2lkIjoxMDMsInVyaSI6ImJwMjpjbGljayIsImJ1bGxldGluX2lkIjoiMjAyMDA5MjQuMjc2OTAzODEiLCJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL3d3dy5jZHBoLmNhLmdvdi9Qcm9ncmFtcy9DSUQvRENEQy9QYWdlcy9DT1ZJRC0xOS9DT1ZJRDE5Q291bnR5TW9uaXRvcmluZ092ZXJ2aWV3LmFzcHgifQ.agpbQZxWUdOE9TGYxrLu7EVaSmT3W5V5kt2iSeBwXiQ/s/1071578843/br/85925552907-l> would permit if cases and test positivity metrics continue stabilizing through Oct. 6.

Safely Celebrate Halloween and Día de Los Muertos

Berkeley residents are reminded that local and State Health Officer Orders are still in effect. Halloween gatherings, Día de los Muertos celebrations, events or parties with non-household members are not permitted unless they are conducted in compliance with City of Berkeley and State Health Orders.

Bay Area Health Officials urge everyone to limit Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos activities to those you live with and use the time to focus on activities, like decorations or virtual costume parties, that keep physical distancing and other safeguards in place.

Trick-or-treating increases contact with people outside of your household who may not be as careful about COVID-19 prevention. Parties mix people who don’t live in the same home. These high-risk activities increase chances the virus can pass from one person to another and mirror the kind of gathering and mixing that Bay Area contact tracers have seen contribute to infection.

COVID-19 doesn’t behave differently because of a holiday. Stay home if you feel sick or have come into close contact with someone who has COVID-19; wear a face covering whenever you leave home; and keep your distance from others (even relatives) who don’t live in your household.

Learn More About Residental Solar Programs!

East Bay Community Energy <https://ebce.org/> (EBCE), our local community choice energy provider, launched the Resilient Home <https://ebce.org/resilient-home/> program to serve its customers in Alameda County. EBCE has partnered with SunRun to provide pre-negotiated pricing for rooftop solar, with or without battery storage. Resilient Home offers an additional $1250 incentive if homeowners enroll their battery with EBCE, sharing power during peak times when there isn’t an outage. Sign up today <https://ebce.org/resilient-home/> and learn more at upcoming webinars on September 30 <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-workshop-on-ebces-new-incentive-for-home-solar-battery-backup-tickets-118702033979> (6-7pm).

Bay Area SunShares <https://www.bayareasunshares.org/>, open to any Bay Area resident, also offers rooftop solar and battery storage options with pre-negotiated pricing. Residents must sign up <https://www.bayareasunshares.org/> by November 30 to receive apples-to-apples no-cost bids from up to three, pre-vetted solar companies (Infinity Energy, Skytech Solar, and SunPower by Solar Technologies).  SunShares offers solar pricing at about 15% below the average market rate, and a 10% discount for battery storage for new or existing solar systems. Learn more at an upcoming webinar on September 17 <https://sunshareswebinarseptember17.eventbrite.com/> (6-7pm), September 23 <https://sunshareswebinarseptember231.eventbrite.com/> (9-10am), September 29 <https://sunshareswebinarseptember29.eventbrite.com/> (12-1pm), or October 21 <https://sunshareswebinaroctober21.eventbrite.com/> (7-8pm). Find a full webinar schedule here <https://www.bayareasunshares.org/webinars>.

Online Workshops About Electric Cars and EBikes Available in English and Spanish

Learn about the many benefits of electric cars and e-bikes at a series of online workshops highlighting the benefits of zero-emission transportation. At these events, you’ll get to talk to electric car owners and e-bike riders, see a virtual vehicle tour, and hear about the many incentives and rebate programs that make plug-in cars more affordable.

  - Wednesday, September 30, 5-6pm:  Electric Cars 101 <https://lnks.gd/l/eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJidWxsZXRpbl9saW5rX2lkIjoxMDMsInVyaSI6ImJwMjpjbGljayIsImJ1bGxldGluX2lkIjoiMjAyMDA5MjQuMjc2NDA5MzEiLCJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL3d3dy5ldmVudGJyaXRlLmNvbS9lL2VsZWN0cmljLWNhcnMtMTAxLXRpY2tldHMtMTE4MDY1ODIxMDQ5In0.E4n1_zVZpttiEdSGaUHgoKD-2GE7nGB574BF2qgc-Uc/s/1071578843/br/85879842762-l>
  - Thursday, October 1, 1-3pm:  Drive & Ride Electric <https://lnks.gd/l/eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJidWxsZXRpbl9saW5rX2lkIjoxMDQsInVyaSI6ImJwMjpjbGljayIsImJ1bGxldGluX2lkIjoiMjAyMDA5MjQuMjc2NDA5MzEiLCJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2RyaXZlZWxlY3RyaWN3ZWVrLm9yZy9ldmVudD9ldmVudGlkPTIxOTUifQ.ljWzpLcjqYUoRTGcsTd1uvTOdEXzv4MvhZjTS_ZSvU4/s/1071578843/br/85879842762-l>
  - Sunday, October 4, 4-5pm:  Clínica de Incentivos Financieros Para Vehículos Eléctricos <https://lnks.gd/l/eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJidWxsZXRpbl9saW5rX2lkIjoxMDUsInVyaSI6ImJwMjpjbGljayIsImJ1bGxldGluX2lkIjoiMjAyMDA5MjQuMjc2NDA5MzEiLCJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL3d3dy5ldmVudGJyaXRlLmNvbS9lL2NsaW5pY2EtZGUtaW5jZW50aXZvcy1maW5hbmNpZXJvcy1wYXJhLXZlaGljdWxvcy1lbGVjdHJpY29zLXRpY2tldHMtMTE4NjY5ODgzODE3P2FmZj1FVkdhbHMifQ.P6T4p6e648qFznE7lLEPzNDF0IoBtTW6aobvyyrArEY/s/1071578843/br/85879842762-l>

Sign up for a workshop <https://lnks.gd/l/eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJidWxsZXRpbl9saW5rX2lkIjoxMDksInVyaSI6ImJwMjpjbGljayIsImJ1bGxldGluX2lkIjoiMjAyMDA5MjQuMjc2NDA5MzEiLCJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2RyaXZlY2xlYW5iYXlhcmVhLm9yZy9ldmVudHMvIn0.3kFAjsWq03p_nb1dapPeV1mhBpYQOsc6ScSPjSUDDDI/s/1071578843/br/85879842762-l> to explore and better understand how electric cars and e-bikes can help you save money, improve your commute, clean the air, and fight climate change.

Councilmember Ben Bartlett

Councilmember Ben Bartlett - Berkeley, CA 94703, United States 
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