[Guestlist] dinner and presentations on Monday, May 26th

Andrew Cone andrew.p.cone at gmail.com
Thu May 22 17:04:07 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

In defiance of the traditional Supper Sessions schedule, you are all
invited to my apartment  for dinner and two presentations. For those
of you unfamiliar with the Supper Sessions, the idea is that a bunch
of people get together at someone's apartment, and a few people speak
for 15-30ish minutes about a topic that interests them. Previous
topics have included bike repair, the food supply, cooperatives,
freemasonry, sea monsters, mechanism design, and aluminum.

Monday's topics will be:

Adam Cone (my brother) on the sustainability movement
Max Shron on Cognitive Science
Andrew Cone on trains

Show up around 7pm, and please bring some [preferably vegan] food to
share. My apartment, known to many as "Moomers," is on the third floor
of 5509 S. Hyde Park Blvd. To get there from the Loop, catch the
number 6 bus ("Jackson Park Express")  southbound on State Street, and
exit at 55th. My building is directly across the street from where
you'll get off the bus.

If you have any trouble getting here, call the apartment (773 667
6572) or my cell phone (773 250 4500).

Please forward this email to anyone who you think would be interested
in coming. Our common area is pretty huge, so I'm not worried about


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