[Guestlist] Pre-Halloween Costume-Making Party

Cord Melton scmelton at uchicago.edu
Tue Oct 21 23:59:35 EDT 2008

Join us at Moomers this Sunday, October 26th, anytime between 4pm and 10:30
pm, to prepare your costumes and pranks and decorations for Halloween, and
to and enjoy a few edible treats made by yours truly!

Bring your own projects to work on or help me make some, err, creatures that
will find their way to various spots on UofC's campus by the 31st. I have a
modest collection of scrap cloth and a somewhat less modest collection of
random junk that will be at your disposal.  We also have scissors, needles,
thread, glue, etc. for you to use, and sewing machine that may or may not
actually work.

Moomers is at 5509 S. Hyde Park Blvd #3
buzzer says "Moomers"
(directions <http://catch-22.moomers.org/directions.html>)

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